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Introduction, first game's engine, and more

2010-09-19 19:49:15 by MentalPatient

Made an introduction that'll be in the beginning of all/most of my Flash products. Keep in mind that it's far from perfect (IE: Sound doesn't sync as well as I want it to) but anyhoo, here it is (so far): Here

EDIT: Here's the updated, more smooth, more in sync version,

I was gonna make it something more awesome like a guy in a straightjacket's head exploding but at the time of its creation I lacked the skills to do that ;o.


Also I think this is news-worthy. My first game, which will be a tile-based RPG (think classic Zelda games) and its engine is currently being made. So far it can create maps using any 'tile' I want, set properties to tiles such as walkability, do hero movement, etc. The basics. I should also mention that it will be called "Autocracy" and will feature 240 total 'screens'.

Possible spoilers:
"The setting puts you in the role of a peasant, living an ordinary life of innocence and pleasantries. They say appearances can be deceiving though, so perhaps that is not an entirely accurate representation of the situation. Exploring the town, everyone has something to tell you, and although everyone's demeanor is seemingly happy, a few of the comments they make seem somehow... peculiar. A dark storyline begins to manifest beneath the town's blissful surface."


The above game has been put off in exchange for a smaller but still entertaining one.

I'm currently looking for people that can give good feedback regarding graphics, game mechanics, etc. The game in question is inspired by Falcon's Tax Time (basically a game about a lulzy news story). PM me if you're interested and I'll convey demos of the game to you as I progress with it.